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Effective against COVID-19


Dept. of Agriculture PCS Number: 100794

Key Ingredients recommended by the World Health Organisation for effectiveness against COVID-19


The science behind Safetouch Antimicrobial Surface Protectant is the unique antimicrobial that provides a barrier of protection, which is highly effective and has a safety profile that's unequaled.


The shield forms its protection through three functional elements:


  • The Base Layer is a covalent bond that is permanently affixed to the surface protecting the surface it's applied to against an extensive list of pathogens.


  • Cross-linking to the base layer


  • Creating a durable eighteen link carbon chain with a positively charged nitrogen atom at its base. This newly formed surface sets up a cationic or positively charged surface that creates two lasting benefits.



The first is a clean base layer that makes removal of dirt grime and other organisms as easy as wiping with water.


The second, the matrix of swords that provide the tool for solid microbe control. This mode of action protects against mould, mildew, algae, fungus, and other odour-causing bacteria.  It works without harmful chemicals biocides or poisons.


The positive nitrogen atom magnetically draws microbes to the surface with an attraction strong enough to destroy a microbe by first piercing and then electrocuting the offender. The rapid destruction of germs provides a control that is not available through traditional chemicals.


Traditional anti-microbial work by leaching or off-gassing to deliver a poison for microbial control. These older technologies are narrow in their scope of effectiveness, with some only working on fungus and others on a limited range of bacteria. Some common chemistries even allow for organisms to adapt, thus creating superbugs in our environment.


This begs the question, of what value using heavy metals toxins and pesticides bring when they can allow for unwanted elements to be reintroduced into the environment.

Microbes must have a receptive surface to survive. A surface with the shield is completely inhospitable to microbes.  It is effective without poisons, the physical mode of action provided by the shield disallows adaptation and does so safely.


The safety science behind this technology has been documented for decades.  As its functional elements are effectively sand or silica, wood, or carbon and nitrogen it is a safe and wise choice from microbe control that is as easy to maintain as wiping with water and works for you 24/7.


Anywhere clean is important, in your home, in places you visit, in places you work, in places you learn, in places you want to feel well.  Anywhere clean is important. 




The History of the Molecule

In the 1970 s, Dow Corning developed and patented a residual antimicrobial molecule (with silane base). This breakthrough molecule was primarily focused on the elimination of odours on textiles.

The patent has long since expired but the molecule lives on today in novel roles. Researchers of this molecule quickly realized the global significance for reducing many of today's and tomorrow's disease-causing pathogens. A team of trusted scientific professionals developed new formulations and application methods with DOW Chemical’s breakthrough molecule which led to the creation of Safetouch Antimicrobial Protection

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Highlights of Our Technology

Safetouch is a combined disinfectant and antimicrobial surface coating that makes application a one-step process and eliminates the need to disinfect prior to treatment our kill rate on germs and viruses is log five 99.999% (log 5 is hospital grade).

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Works every second of every day for up to 30 days


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