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Key Touch Areas

Effective against COVID-19


Dept. of Agriculture PCS Number: 100794

Key Ingredients recommended by the World Health Organisation for effectiveness against COVID-19


With the outbreak of Covid-19 many people have possibly contracted the virus through contaminated surfaces. The virus was not only restricted to airborne infection but also through key touch areas that we take for granted on a daily basis for example door handles, visa machines, trolleys, ATMs, countertops, etc. The diagram below from the World Health Organisation demonstrates how long the coronavirus can remain active on various surfaces.

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Ideal protection against viruses and bacteria.

Safetouch Surface Protectant is suitable for all living spaces everyday objects/devices and is direct food contact safe. It is the ideal protection against viruses and bacteria, it can be used in the retail sector (shopping trolleys, counters, storage systems and Point of sale systems), in the catering business, at vending machines, in sanitary facilities and in public parks and spaces.

In public or private life, it reliably keeps lifts, handrails, door handles, tables, furniture, mobile phones, keyboards, etc. clean and free of viruses and bacteria. Safetouch Surface Coating can also be used to keep public transport vehicles and car interiors (e.g. fittings, steering wheels, and door handles) free of microbial infestation for up to 30 days with a single application.



What makes Safetouch Different from standard Disinfectant?

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